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Around 30 people attended a Brexit Q&A session at Legends bar in Torre del Mar on Thursday 14th July, with representatives from the financial and legal world on the panel.

Legends owners Rachel and Shaun Barnett said that they decided to hold the event because of the wide ranging views and concerns of customers that come into the bar. They said they wanted to give Brits the “opportunity to come together for some guidance and to be able to engage with each other and share those concerns.”

Panel members, Alex Radford, a lawyer with mylawyerinspain.com, Richard Mills a financial advisor with Blacktower Financial Management (International) Ltd., Melanie Radford from Currencies Direct and Antony Poole, a financial advisor with Robusto, answered questions ranging from concerns over pensions, mortgages, currency fluctuations and to making Wills.

Until the UK government triggers Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, signalling the start of negotiations to leave the EU and the subsequent agreements have been made, nobody really knows how Brexit will affect Brits in Spain. However, the session provided a useful opportunity to share concerns and hear some general advice on how to start preparing for the eventual outcome.

The companies represented at the session can be contacted via:
Richard Mills richard.mills@blacktowerfm.com
Antony Poole apoole1968@gmail.com
Alex Radford aradford@mylawyerinspain.com
Melanie Radford nerja@currenciesdirect.com



written by Jennie Rhodes