Back in early December I was suffering from woman flu and decided I was not going to let it run on and on took to my bed for a few days. As usual in my life, the phone doesn´t stop ringing or pinging and on this occassion one of those messages was from Lady Blackwood aka Michelle.

Lady Blackwood - Flames of Love: Truth of the Holy GrailMichelle had picked up a copy of The Directory whilst she was here on a visit from Australia and she enjoyed one of the articles written about our monthly Out and About adventures and it prompted Michelle to give me a call.

Michelle grew up on a farm in Yorkshire, and has spent the last 18 years in Australia, her father lives here in Spain which is where she is currently visiting and is where the story began back in 2010.

Michelle is the author of her book call Flames of Love: Truth of the Holy Grail. A true story of her journey back home to Scotland, guided by the spirit of her Mum. In search of treasure buried in a previous life, during the time of King Arthur. Her book is being promoted in the New Year in many magazines and newspapers in the UK and Michelle asked if I would like to feature her book in the next issue of The Directory and so our diary of our day began when we met up just before Christmas for a photo shoot.

So close to Christmas it was quite a challenge to get everyone in one place with businesses being so busy in the run up to Christmas. I needed to co-ordinate a photographer, hairdresser, makeup artist and boutique. As I drove to Nerja to meet Michelle on the day of it all supposing to happen. I had an anxious feeling about the day, and was not confident that everything would fall in to place, particularly as I had still yet to find a a make up artist … for a photo shoot a pretty important part of the day!

Anyway as you learn with life in Spain or perhaps just as you get older, sometimes it is just best to go with the flow and see what happens.

I met up with Michelle at Ozzies by Elesha on Calle Pintada in Nerja and Elesha was already washing Michelles hair, Rob from Rob Bell photography turned up Lady Blackwood - Flames of Love: Truth of the Holy Grailshortly after, phew stage 1 we were all there! Elesha did a fantastic job creating amazing curls in Michelles hair and all of us we were engrossed listening to the story of the book whilst Elesha was cutting and styling Michelles hair.

As we left Ozzies by Elesha we had to find a make up artist. Talk about luck on ourside or great energy around us but the very first place we went into was Centro de Belleza Azalea, also on Calle Pintada. I have walked passed this shop 100´s of times but never been in. We walked in and right in front of us was a hollywood style make up area. Yolanda spoke English and had just had a cancellation and could see us straightaway … talk about luck!

Michelle relaxed back in to the chair and Yolanda went to work. Robs camera shutter was clicking away throughout the morning capturing the atmosphere of each business we visited. Stage 2 complete.

We left Yolanda, with me saying I will be back … I really fancy having a make over … just need to find somewhere to go after I´m all glammed up. So now it was my turn, selfie outside the shop I am sure Rob rolled his eyes up to the sky each time I announced `selfie´.

Lady Blackwood - Flames of Love: Truth of the Holy GrailSo off we went to Calle Diputacion to see the lovely Jaki from Jaki´s Boutique. She was now suffering with the woman flu but had kindly opened the shop for us even though it was her day off. What a popular shop she has, people never stopped coming in whilst we were there buying clothing and it was so much fun with all the bustling of us and the customers.

Michelle found so many lovely pieces to wear and Rob got to work taking photos in the shop, as well as out about in Nerja. We
ended at the Balcon De Europa where you can never fail to find stunning views to include in your photo shoot. I am sure we created some attention particularly with me holding the large light reflecting disk (I think Rob put me in charge of that just to stop me taking anymore selfies or inpromptu shout outs of we are`live on social media´).

It was a lovely day and every part of the day flowed effortlessly, something I had not anticipated first thing that morning.

We are all looking forward to reading Lady Blackwoods book and if you would l ike a copy you can buy one online through Amazon.  Click here.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in that day and helped to make it all happen.

And wishing Lady Blackwood huge success with her book.

Photographs taken by Rob Bell Photography

and The Directory magazine

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