Each year, Royal Holloway’s Geography Department from the University of London runs a field trip to Nerja for roughly 150 first year students (18-19 year olds). The idea is to give the students the opportunity to learn basic research methods.

They create an opportunity for the students to speak informally to members of the ex-pat community in Nerja and to learn first-hand about British and other ex-pats experiences of living in Spain. They were also interested in our perceptions of Brexit and how we thought it might affect them. They asked many questions covering ‘Spanish attitude to Brexit’, ‘what is it like living in Spain’ and ‘what do we miss about the UK’.

The members of 41 Club Nerja which is made up of 46 Ex Round
Tablers from 10 European Countries, enjoyed sharing this experience with the young leaders of tomorrow. Nerja 41 Club meets twice every month. On the first Thursday of the month we go out with our ladies at lunch time for menu del dia, and on the Third Thursday the men have a ‘normal’ meeting and those of our ladies wishing to go out for a meal.

Any ex Tablers please look at  41clubnerja.org  or ring Alfie on +34 626 998 626