MAY 2016:

  • On Tuesday the 3rd of May we celebrate the Day of the Cross in Cómpeta. There will be a procession starting in the Plaza del Carmen towards the Cruz (Cruz del Monte) where there will be celebrations!
  • On Thursday the 26th of May Cómpeta celebrates: Día del Señor. The service in Church starts at 11.00h, at 12.00h there will be a procession starting from the square.
  • Water!

The town hall of Cómpeta informs everyone that because of the recent lack of water, due to insufficient rain, the town hall will sanction any unnecessary use of water:

-Watering of land, gardens, trees, streets, terraces,…

-Use of water for swimming pools, fountains,…

-Washing of vehicles and other objects.

This means there is only one way water can be used: for human consumption.

Thank you everyone for your help and understanding,

  1. José Luis Torres Gutierrez (Alcalde de Cómpeta)