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Another Article You Probably Don´t Want To Read


Reading skills in the general population are so low, and we are in such a hurry, that anything that contains more than 140 words is indigestible.

Health may be boring or uncomfortable
This article concerns your health, something which you may find boring, if you already know that it is bad. If you were interested, you wouldn’t have caught on the extra kilos, clogged up you arteries with triglycerids, reduced your muscle mass by torturing your body with bad diets, until you look like you do. How long did it take you to arrive at the semi healthy state you are in? Do you promote to everyone you know that everything is fine? Why would you want to be reminded of something you have ignored or given up on?

Do you want to read about harm, big names, big money, sex, etc?
This article does not talk about interesting harmful events such as: “368 British windmill workers got cancer from eating poisoned carrot soup”, a completely fictitious event that sounds interesting. The article is also not about how you can gain 1 millon dollars from doing almost nothing, or how you in 10 minutes can rid yourself of wrinkles and other indicators that time is passing. It does not mention famous TV stars or royalty that are sleeping with the neighbours, are ill or broke. The article doesn’t mention harm, big names, big money, sex, scandals, sensations etc. Boringly enough it is about your health. How have you managed to convince yourself that you are doing everything to maintain a happy and healthy life, even when it is not working?

We all lie
You can recover energy and acquire the knowledge necessary to be more healthy and happy. Regardless of your condition. If you have read this far, then there is hope for you. But you have to stop lying to yourself. You are the only one that needs to be in charge of your health and your life, no matter how many work, or family obstacles you believe is stopping you. In reality we always stop ourself. If you are fat, no one held a gun to your head forcing you to eat garbage. If you are depressed, nobody can undepress you but you. You may need help but it is you, yourself, that must confront and do the job. It is actually more fun to get in shape, bodily, mentally emotionally and socially, than to stay fat, depressed and with low self esteem. You are worth something better.

Do you agree?
If you don’t agree then your case may be like the psychologist that told his patient why he suffered from an inferiority complex: “You are inferior”. That was a joke. You are not inferior, no matter what you are getting through.

Something can always be done, and now you know that it is you that have to be doing it.

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