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Samadhi Mañana Yogi Adventures

It’s hot, hot, hot! So I thought you might like to cool off in Nerja Caves. Also, there’s an incredible picnic spot nearby, in case you’re feeling dynamic and fancy some stunning alpine vistas.

The Caves are easy to get to. You can either drive on the Autovia or N340 – ‘Cuevas de Nerja’ are clearly marked on both. Or you can get a bus from the centre of Nerja.

There is parking for the Caves, or you can park in the Pinarillo car park. This is the left turning before the Caves. Go easy if you have a hire care – it’s bumpy!

Nerja Caves cost €10 for adults, €6 for children aged 6-12, and under 6s go free. Opening hours and details of their events and special tours are at www.thenerjacaves.com.

On entry, you get an audio device, which looks like a mobile phone from the 80s.
And, before you enter the caves, there’s a short film on their history.

These vast caverns of stalagmites and stalactites stretch for almost 5 kilometres. So it’s hard to believe they were only rediscovered in 1959. And, according to remains, they were inhabited from 25,000BC to the Bronze Age.

Carrying your 80s phone from chamber to chamber, you feel a sense of awe. And when you reach the ‘Cataclysm’ – the largest rockfall in the world – you can imagine how amazing it must have been for the 5 friends that discovered this underground world while exploring a random sinkhole.

Anyway, back on ‘Tierra Firma’, the picnic spot is a gentle uphill walk up the road from the Pinarillo car park. Easy. Access for vehicles is restricted between June and October. But you can cycle or ride a horse (should you have either at hand).

After almost 5km is El Pinarillo – a shaded picnic area surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and forests. Without even a glimpse of the Med, all you can hear is the gentle humming of bees from nearby hives. It’s an oasis of calm away from the craziness of the coast. And it’s the perfect base for exploring the mountains during the winter months.

Anyway, have a wonderful August. And if you fancy some relaxation and rejuvenation, come to one of my Yoga Lunches in Café Del Mar. Details are at Samadhi Mañana on Facebook.

Hasta pronto! Sal
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