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Samadhi Mañana Yogi Adventures July 2016

Undeterred by bad weather (soy inglesa!), I rebooked the kayaking. This time I persuaded my French friend Melanie to come. The day before, I get a text from the business. It’s off due to bad weather. Hmm. So it’s back to plan B – or was that C?

It was a hot day. So we packed our bikinis and decided to walk the River Chillar.

I’ve walked this unwittingly with my mum before. We’d been told to avoid the Chillar when it rains as the water rises rapidly. So we headed towards Frigiliana along the River Higueron. At least that’s what I thought until the path turned into a river. I finally admitted defeat when a) Frigiliana didn’t appear (like it ever would), b) We were drenched to mid-thigh, and c) It started to rain. Heavily.

So I knew where NOT to go. And this time, I dusted off my trusty ‘The Mountains of Nerja’ guide and found the corresponding walk: 3.5hrs – perfect. Plenty of time to get back, shower and meet friends on the Ruta de Tapas.

You can start the walk along the dry riverbed from Playazo Beach, or Verano Azul carpark. But I met Melanie at the car park near Nerja Mercadillo. There are also parking spots closer to the start of the walk, but these tend to be busy in summer.

We headed towards the mountains, avoiding the left fork in the road – *that* is the Frigiliana walk along the River Higueron! And walking past the water station and a limestone quarry, we made our way down the valley.

The Chillar is a trickle here, but deepens as the walk continues. It’s easier to wade later so bring suitable footwear – not flip-flops.

Around 1.5 hours walk along this valley, the sides narrow and the water rises as you walk through a dramatic gorge. From here, you’re rewarded with a series of refreshing waterfalls and bathing pools.

There are various routes back. Most people go back the way they came. And as our walk turned into an epic (and somewhat dangerous) adventure, I recommend this unless you have a map, GPS, or a local.

If you have any of these, or feel brave (foolhardy?), you could take the Gran Senda de Malaga, which crosses the river after the waterfall pictured and has red and white striped signposts. This goes either towards the beautiful El Pinarillo plateau before reaching Nerja Caves, or to Frigiliana.

As for our walk, it ended up taking twice as long – 8 hours in fact. Book author, Jim Ryan, must be either Spiderman or an ultra-marathon runner.

Kayaking next month? Let’s see…
Hasta pronto! Sal

Sal, Samadhi Mañana sally@samadhi-manana.com www.samadhi-manana.com