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I’ve been banging on about kayaking for ages and each time I’ve booked, it’s been cancelled due to winds – even when I went all the way to Cabo de Gata for a kayaking adventure during San Juan.

I didn’t tell my compadres about my kayaking ‘hex’ at the time though

Anyway, my friend Karen was over from the UK. And we managed to rope in my intrepid adventurer friend, Melanie, who was undeterred by our marathon walk of the River Chillar. So we booked a two-hour Nerja to Maro kayaking adventure with Educare Aventura on Burriana Beach.

I was teaching a private yoga client – Katja – on the beach beforehand, and it was her last session before flying back to Germany. We asked if she wanted to join us –por supuesto! So after a sustaining brunch of coffee, churros and chocolate, all four of us headed down to the kayaking place.

The office was packed with noisy people in beach gear, so it was hard to tell whether we’d missed our time spot. But all was good, and some people from our booking didn’t turn up. So after waiting on the beach to see whether anyone else would join our gang, we headed off – just the four of us, and our guide David.

“Have we picked the worst time?” I thought.. Apparently not.

Paddling along the coastline’s crystalline waters, we saw testosterone-fuelled teens tumbling from cliffs (for fun, I hasten to add..). We visited caves, fresh-water waterfalls, sweeping beaches, and an imposing ‘fertility stone’. David pointed these out, explaining their significance to the area while taking shots of us with a Go-Pro.

Apparently, the waters around this coastline are so clear because of plants that act as water filters. These plants can also be found in Cabo de Gata. And after snorkelling in an incredible lagoon in Playa Playazo there, I must agree that the water has a similar clarity, with amazing visibility.

So we ‘parked’ (floated?) our kayaks near Maro beach and snorkelled around reefs teeming with fish, sea anemones, crabs, the works. Then, we made our way back to Burriana Beach, paddling past the coastal superhighway of stand up paddle boarders and kayaking groups.

The kayaking was easy enough; but we had worked up a hunger by the time we got back. So we topped off the adventure with paella and tinto veranos. The perfect way to appreciate the local sealife – from seabed to plate.

Hasta pronto! Sal Samadhi Mañana