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Federico Carrizo Vergani Abogados are an independent association of lawyers primarily serving non-Spanish citizens in Spanish legal matters. Based in Andaluci­a, they deal exclusively with cases involving Spanish law, and their team of solicitors and legal services cover all Spanish regions.

Federico Carrizo, who heads the association, is a qualified Spanish lawyer with extensive experience in handling Spanish legal matters for non-Spanish citizens. All lawyers within the association are qualified members of regional Spanish Bar Associations, and as such are regulated by the same. The lawyers are also fluent English speakers, providing comprehensive and independent client service covering a variety of legal procedures.

Obtaining a NIE or CIF number

Every foreigner needs a NIE to be able to perform a certain number of operations in Spain, such as being able to buy a house, open a bank account, pay taxes, or do some kind of business. Also, foreign companies need a CIF number to operate in Spain. They can help you get a NIE or CIF number in a minimum guaranteed time, without having to move from your usual residence, and saving on the other hand costly travel, time, peace of mind, and security that our experience guarantees. Ask them if you have any questions, and they will be happy to guide you.



Why use a local Spanish lawyer when buying property?Lawyers are often involved in all stages of the sale and purchase of property, known as conveyance.When buying a property in Spain, generally buyers are not familiar with the Spanish Law, nor the possible consequences if the matter is not reviewed by legal professionals from the outset of a transaction. Estate agents will typically offer to handle the legal documents on a buyers behalf, however they are not trained in property law, nor do they tend to have professional liability or indemnity insurance should any issues arise during or after the property changes hands. It is also often the case that their interests solely lie with those of the seller of the property.  Another option that foreign citizens can choose is to instruct a lawyer in their own country to act on their behalf when buying a Spanish property. Although this is preferable to not using a lawyer at all, in order to provide the service, a local Spanish lawyer will be appointed. Using an intermediary therefore naturally means that the fees paid are greater, and the service slower, than if a property buyer appoints the Spanish lawyer themselves. Spanish lawyers are also required to have legal insurance, meaning that should any problems occur, property buyers are themselves insured against any financial penalties.In essence, using a qualified and local Spanish lawyer with relevant experience of local property law and  conveyance processes gives property buyers protection and peace of mind.

Divorce and Family Law

All process of divorce and separation are hard and complex, and not always easy to decide by mutual agreement.The divorce process in Spain is carried out on the basis of filed documents and neither partner will have to attend a hearing in respect of the divorce petition itself although they may still have to go to court if there are problems over child custody or money.In practice, the vast majority of divorces will not require a court order regarding child custody, leaving it up to the parents to make their own arrangements. A court order relating to child custody will be made only if there are disputes or if in some other way it will be better for the children.Their services include assistance in the process of divorce or separation, helping to make this process quicker and less problematic. They provide advice and negotiation services for all types of divorces and separations.


They cover all aspects of estate administration including obtaining valuation of all the assets of the estate, agreeing the tax liability, applying for the Grant of Probate and executing this in Spain. They are highly experienced in dealing with:
• Spanish Wills
• Execution of UK probate in Spain
• Capital gains and inheritance tax planning
• Spanish Probate and administration of estates
• Charities
• Offshore tax structure

Civil Criminal litigation

They deal with civil and criminal proceedings typically in the form of litigation.Civil Litigation includes:
• Commercial disputes
• Land disputes
• Recovering money
• Contractual disputes
• Shareholders and partnership disputes
• Construction and property disputes
• Insolvency procedures
• Property litigation between landlord and tenant
• Will disputes
• Professional negligence
• International child abduction and custody disputes
• European Enforcements Orders


Criminal Litigation includes:

• Spanish Criminal Law
• Minor offences

Catastro and Land Registry

Our services include verification that land registry rests with the property seller, confirmation that a property is located correctly within the land, and land registration to the buyer upon purchase. They also handle cases where tenants are in rental arrears.

Mortgage floor clauses

Think you may have overpaid on your mortgage? Ask us for a free consultation.

Administrador de fincas

Administrador de Fincas Colegiado.The legal functions of the administrator are set out in Article 20 of the Horizontal Property Law.

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