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Very few of us know what to do when something happens to our loved ones, here is a brief guideline from Funeral Care Spain of what to do if, and when the time arises. To have this knowledge will save you time and distress should you be involved in a death of a friend or loved one.


1    Call a doctor or ambulance unless you are in a hospital environment. If you are unable to speak Spanish or are confused at any point call us for free assistance 654 056 653 (24hr)
2    If the person has passed away it is normal for the police to be contacted if there isn’t sufficient medical background.
3    The ambulance staff will issue a document detailing their attendance.
4    A doctor will then have to attend to confirm the circumstances and suspected cause of death. They will issue a form which will require passport details or DNI if a Spanish national. If you do not have a doctor, we can arrange our ‘on call’ service to attend. Sight of the original passport is enough, it should not be handed over.
5    If the doctor is happy with the circumstance of death he will sign the form to release the deceased on to an undertaker.
6    If the circumstances are unusual, it is normal for the authorities to take the deceased for post mortem study. This is done by the duty undertaker and cannot be done by any other service.
7    Once the paperwork is done and released, an undertaker can be called to remove the deceased.
8    Upon arrival, the paperwork will be checked, and the deceased can then be moved, if required, to a place of rest. Again, sight of the passport may be required and a copy taken but the original is not required. Details will also be required of the next of kin.
9    An appointment can then be made over the next few days to make funeral arrangements at a time, and place, convenient to you and your family.
From this point every funeral differs. By religion, taste and budget. Your funeral director should explain every alternative and answer every question you have. Never be afraid to ask, or get a second opinion. Unfortunately prices can vary greatly, so a closed, written quote is always the best way to proceed.

Please remember

At no time should you feel pressured into making decisions, every situation is specific to those involved and every funeral should be unique.

Any company that turns up uninvited at the hospital or at home will be likely to be more expensive. They will have been informed via a direct breach of confidentiality.

There is no reason why family cannot see the deceased prior to the service and have them dressed in clothing chosen by them.

There is no time limit to perform the funeral, within reason. A small charge may be incurred by the place of rest but this can be confirmed by the undertaker in advance. Currently on the Costa del sol a daily storage charge is around €60-80 per day (without tax)

If someone dies in a public hospital or is taken for post mortem, it is the hospitals responsibility to look after the body FREE OF CHARGE until the family are ready and a funeral service has been appointed

The company you use initially does not have to be the same as those providing the funeral services. If you change your mind, legally only the expenses incurred can be charged and these must be explained and itemised.

Contacting Us
Our office phone line is attended daily 9-18.00 951 909 264
In an emergency please call 654 056 653 (24hr)
Initially your call will be answered in English or Spanish, however a translator will be appointed if required
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