Reconnective Healing Ramón Boquera

Reconnective Healing with Ramón Boquera

Do you think you need a change in your life?

Do you think you are missing something?

Make sense of your life.  Now you have the opportunity to move forward, to change, to evolve, with the Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection your life will experience a 180 degree change.

We can always evolve, we can always be better.  The world is changing and it needs you to change as well.


Dare to experience it….. Reconnective Healing Ramón Boquera

What is Reconnective Healing?

Reconnective Healing is an experience that can change your life, it uses new frequencies that facilitate the healing of body, mind and soul.

Reconnective Healing is a further step in healing energies, this energy frequency is not comparable to any that you had hither-to related; it is very different from Reiki, Qi Con, Johrei, Pranic Healing or Quantum Healing.  Reconnective Healing goes beyond any technique you have encountered to this day.

It is an alternative to conventional medicine because it is capable of crossing the limits of human capacity and imagination.

Open to Reconnective Healing, we are able to regain balance and harmony in our lives and transform our bodies, minds, hearts and souls, something that would otherwise be almost impossible, since reception to this energy is much more direct and focused.  Reconnective Healing repairs our DNA record, where the vital information of our body and part of our personality resides, as a consequence, many pathologies disappear in the most natural and harmonious way.

It provides fantastic results to eliminate emotional blockages, distressing memories, depressions, fibromyalgia, arthritis, stress, multiple sclerosis, neurological problems, behaviour patterns, tumors and some types of cancer among other pathologies.

To solve a specific situation, only 1 to 3 sessions are needed since Reconnective Healing keeps working for longer time after the person leaves.

Nowadays, the Word Health Organisation (WHO) is still being urged to recognise this healing as an energy medicine due to its incredible results.

If you are open to healing frequencies without preconceived agendas, your healing will occur in the desired way, but if you are very fortunate, your healing will come in a way that the Universe has specially arranged for you.

Healing is a journey, not an end point, the process does not stop when healing ends … because it never ends, you can always evolve, you can always be better.


The Reconnection

In the origin, the meridian lines in our body, also called acupuncture lines, were connected to the network lines that surround the planet.

These lines are designed to connect to a much larger network, the axiatonal lines of the Universe.

During a remote time in history, we were disconnected from these lines…

The Reconnection attracts the “new” axiatonal lines that allow us to adjust to unique healing levels and frequencies, which facilitate our evolution.  These axiatonal lines are part of a circulatory system that attracts the basic energy for the body´s renewal functions.

The Reconnection activates these “new” lines, allowing the exchange of light and information, the Reconnection of DNA strands and the reintegration of the “strings” in parallel existence planes: quantum physics.


What can be expected from the Reconnection?

Each experience is different, it is not only healing and connecting back to the meridian and axiatonal lines, it is about connecting our higher consciousness to the Universe, and the knowledge we can acquire.

This light and information brings you the changes you need, reaching all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

By being reconnected with your supreme consciousness, your energy and vitality levels will increase, they will make breaking with negative behaviour patterns easier, you will open to the wisdom, light and love of the universe creating a way to the manifestation of your own divine presence on earth according to the divine blueprint of humanity.

The process of reconnecting can usually occur instantly but occasionally it can take place for months after the sessions.  There will be moments of clarity and moments of doubt, even sometimes physical pain can be experienced, especially in the joints but that is normal since the body is assimilating “new” frequencies that also transform the cellular memory.

If you are open to your evolutionary process your heart will claim it, once reconnected, the Universe wants to give you everything in the moment you change your vibration, it will begin to send you people, situations and opportunities for your evolutionary process.

The universe never forgets our requests, we have just to express them correctly.  You can put the intention and the universe will take care of the results.

You can always be a better person… you can always evolve.

Ramón Boquera

Reconnective Healing Ramón BoqueraRamón Boquera, of Catalan origin, during his life, has stumbled over and over to learn.

In one of those twists and turns of life, he understood that his vocation was to help others, so he searched for  tools for that purpose.

After many years of studying natural therapies, the book “the Reconnection” came to his hands one day, he was fascinated and harmonised reading it, so he went in search of Dr. Eric Pearl for his apprentices hip.  He thought that people ought to know this fascinating, practical, simple, alternative way to heal, which provides really deep results.

After more than 4,000 sessions to this day, he has witnessed extraordinary healing very often and is aware of the importance of Reconnective Healing Ramón Boqueraconveying the knowledge of his magnificent way to heal other people so that they may be informed, enjoy and benefit from it.

Ramón Boquera is a level 1 and 2 Reconnective healer as well s the new level 2 of the Functional Practitioner and Level 3 reconnected.

He is also an Osteopath, Holistic Kinesilogist, Podal Reflexologist and Emotion Manager, spreading the message of Reconnective Healing and Reconnection wherever he goes, helping others who are in search of health, awareness and emotional balance.


Read about Ramón Boquera in the August 2017 issue of The Directory magazine


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