Rumours Beauty and Hair Salon, Puente don Manuel

It is not all about Hair and Beauty at Rumours in Puente don Manuel, they can also offer chiropody treatments with UK trained Susan Blackwell. Have you taken a good look at your feet recently – they can tell a story or two.

Chiropody treatments include an evaluation of the foot, nails, skin and general foot health care of the individual. Within a treatment is nail cut and file/burr, removal of callus and hard skin, corn removal, advice on verruca treatments and looking after your feet, this is important for diabetics. Suffer with thick toe nails, often fungal, ingrowing toe nails, athletes foot and cracked heels? Seeing a chiropodist can help these conditions.

Have you ever tried Reflexology ?

It is an ancient art of healing by applying pressure to specific areas of the foot (or hand) which correspond to parts of the body, its organs and systems. Reflexology primarily improves the circulation and assists the body in eliminating toxins and waste. By applying pressure and stimulating the reflex points we help clear these channels and pathways, improving their functioning and balance, relieve tension from stressed areas and stimulate under active areas. It can help the lymphatic system work more efficiently resulting in reduced swelling. Similarly it can help the digestive system and conditions such as IBS. A Reflexology session (or regular sessions) contribute towards maintenance and wellbeing of your mind and body and encourages your body to look after and heal itself. Susan is in the salon on Thursdays and Fridays in Puente don Manuel.

Call 951 232 881 for Hair, Beauty and Chiropody appointments.

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