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What do you dream about? If you really listen to your inner voice, what does it desire? What would you change and do if you had to do it right now? For most of us, these questions, stress us out completely and we push them away to the end of the to-do-list. For five years, I use the exact questions to be at the top of what I focus on every day with Vilostrada. Trust me, it was tough, really tough to get here. But we did it.

Vilostrada Foundation - Live to Love the Road - October 2017My dream was to do good for someone else every day. With our collaboration with the Nomads in Sahara with the Vilostrada Foundation, I do it. Some days small steps, some days, like that day in November 2016, when we finished a project, a solar panel connected to a vital well that fills our water basin with 3 000 liters of fresh water each hour. Water is life and now it is easy, even for my own daughter Maj (10) who can run the pump with her friends Tuda, (5) and Mohamed (11).

I believe everything is possible, my inner voice tells me so by nature. How I wish to instill this in all the children around me. To go do, to go follow your desires, to be awesome, be kind to mother earth and to follow your dream(s).

Therefore, I said, together with the Nomads and my son Lucas (12): “Let us build the greatest school in the world”. We started with tiny steps in January 2016. Together, 8 of us, laid a rock in a circle far out in the desert to symbolize the start. Together, we knew that the best school in the world, starts within all of us: the willingne

Vilostrada Foundation - Live to Love the Road - October 2017

ss to share and learn, to get started today, do a little every day. Guess, if we had some results?

In November, you come with me to Tanmirt, Sahara as I return to work with my Nomad family and get to introduce new friends to the desert. Follow my Moroccan tracks during 2017.

Victoria Ahlén, founder of Vilostrada, is an expert Moroccan artisan buyer, and founder of the Vilostrada Foundation – building the world’s greatest school together with the Nomads in Sahara, Morocco.


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