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Follow Victoria Ahléns ( Vilostrada Foundation ) Moroccan tracks during 2017 with The Directory Axarquia magazine.

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Each item you own is a part of the tracks you choose to live with and to leave behind. We were owned by our possessions which demanded our time and labour, as were so many of our friends and family. The large footprint burdened my heart.

We left Sweden in August 2014 and in our big move we gladly left ¾ of possessions behind. We kept the items that gave us smiles and brought back memories, the things we could not be without. Sitting in an almost empty space in a new house in Spain, I vowed silently to choose wisely when we went to buy and fill a new home with interior decorations.Live to Love the road - Vilostrada Foundation in The Directory magazine

The idea became a part of the company Vilostrada, where we set out to find artisans who passionately love their work as artisans and shop from them fairly. Finding the right Moroccan artisan treasure for your personal or public space is something we really enjoy doing. During our four years of extensive travel and work all over Morocco, we have built a trusted artisan network, found many treasures and recorded stories of the traditions of the items we have chosen to purchase.

Our footprints make us smile each day. We sit around our Moroccan handmade mosaic table from Abdellah in Chefchaouen, we’re sipping juice from our hand blown glasses from Casablanca and sharing a vegetable meal cooked in a clay eco tagine made by Aicha in Oued Laou. Each item carries a story of doing good and giving back. All hand in hand with the non-profit work we do as well with our project Tanmirt Education for Life. We are building the world’s greatest school together with the Nomads in Sahara, Morocco.

Follow my Moroccan tracks during 2017. Victoria Ahlén, founder of Vilostrada, she is an expert Moroccan artisan buyer, and founder of the Vilostrada Foundation.


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