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This month I met up with Maria from Viveros El Algarrobo Garden Centre to find out about her business which in June is 3 years old.

Maria´s father built the garden centre following his life long dream back to when he was living and working in France. He used to work on the highway roads and had always dreamt of starting a garden centre in his home area. As a young man he didn’t have enough money for such a big project but instead opened up a Cafe in Velez-Malaga.

However, when he retired he was in a position to finalise realise his dreams of building his own garden centre, so he built the centre even though Spain was deep in recession by then and other garden centres had been built and were open in the surrounding area.

As he had reached retirement his life time dream of owning and working in a garden centre hadn’t quite materialised but he instead he offered it to his daughter to Maria.

Maria had studied Forestry Engineering in Huelva and also in Holland and Germany without knowing that her father was going to be building a garden centre later on in her life.

With trepidation because of the recession, Maria and David accepted her fathers offer and decided to give it a go.

They have approached the business in a different way and have focused the business on being more organic, using natural products for maintaining plants and have created a family feel building relations with their customers.

Maria has expertise in plant production, irrigation and the health of plants she also is expert in landscaping and designing of gardens.

Every season at Viveros El Algarrobo Garden centre they have a Fest with live music, activities for children, stalls selling products. Keep an eye out for their next Fest in April. Dates to be confirmed.

They hold regular workshops such as:

Mushroom Workshop
Bonsai Workshop
Exchange Seeds Event (Spring Fest)

Yoga and Pilates classes are held several times a week
Art Lessons every week
Green fingers gardening club have a meeting once a month

The room is available for Hire so please contact Maria or David to find out more.