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Samadhi Mañana Yogi Adventures

As it’s getting warmer, I thought we’d kick off with a beach activity. Some friends were visiting and I kept hearing about the coastline from Nerja to Maro. So I booked a kayak tour a few days before this article had to be submitted.

We were up bright and early. And on reaching Burriana, we noticed the sea was choppy. As hardy adventurers, we thought nothing of it. But when we arrived at the kayaks, they said it was too windy. Maybe if the wind died down, we could do it later. It didn’t.

Crestfallen, we cheered ourselves with churros and coffee at the Parador.
I was running a Yoga Lunch the next day so there were no kayaking opportunities. How about taking a pedalo for a spin instead? The ones on the beach have an integrated slide. We could have our own island of fun, adrift on the Mediterranean. What more could we want? So the following afternoon, we headed to Burriana beach.

At €15 an hour, it’s cheaper than kayaking. We liberally applied sun cream, and, after a ‘safety briefing’, embarked ‘ship’.

Getting five grown ‘ladies’ on a pedalo was interesting. We were drenched as the boat hit the waves. Why did we think we could manage this without getting wet?

Keen cyclists Roz and myself took to the pedals while Michaela expertly oversaw operations from the slide.

“Pedal into the waves!” she cried as the craft bucked and swayed. The handbrake-sized rudder eventually started to change direction. Sarah tried moving to the front but couldn’t find anywhere to sit, so she hovered uncomfortably over the rudder instead.

In retrospect, bringing newly pregnant and nauseous Laura out to sea wasn’t a great idea. She retched, gagged, and held her head in her hands. After attempting to steady herself by gazing at the horizon, she shakily asked to go back.

Feeling none too good myself, I ‘volunteered’ to accompany Laura. So after 20 minutes of shouting, laughing, retching and shouting orders, we headed back to shore. Our pedalo adventure cut short. But feeling much better to be on terra firma.

Now I’m a little nervous about kayaking. Oh well, I’ll report back next month.

Sal, Samadhi Mañana sally@samadhi-manana.com www.samadhi-manana.com

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