Be careful when moving large amounts of cash in Spain

If for whatever reason you have the need to move a large amount of money in cash, please note that you must submit an S-1 form to declare the movement of cash (“Declaracion de movimientos de medios de pago”) to  the Spanish Tax Office.

This tax obligation, that many people ignore, is applicable when you are moving over 10,000 euro in cash when travelling in or out of Spain and it also applies when you move over 100,000-euro cash inside of Spain. 

Consequently, prior to moving these large amounts of money in cash you should file the S-1 Form with the Spanish Inland Revenue. You can do this electronically on the Spanish Tax Office website,

Keep in mind that you must also print the S-1 form and carry it with you when are moving the funds.

Not filling the S-1 form could mean tax fines from 600€ and up to 50 % of the amount of money that you are moving. It is also possible for the authorities to freeze the funds until the fine be paid.

Finally, please note that this tax duty also refers to all currencies (dollars, Sterling pounds, etc). Therefore, before travelling with an important amount of money in cash please be sure that you file the S-1 form.

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