25 % of owners is enough to request a community meeting 

If for whatever reason you have any kind of problem in your community and you wish the issue to be discussed in a community meeting, but the president does not pay attention to you, please note that the agreement of the 25% of the legal owners is enough to legally push the president of the community to hold an extraordinary community meeting. It is regulated in article 16 of the Horizontal Property Law.

This formal request should be done in writing and addressed to the president, informing that the 25 % of the owners (mentioning names) wish to have an extraordinary meeting.

In case there isn’t a 25 % of owners involved in your request of meeting, you can also notify the president that you wish an issue be discussed by the community of owners; and, then, the president has the duty to include your issue in the agenda on the next ordinary annual meeting to be held.

Consequently, in case you think that the president of your community does not pay attention to you, you have the legal right to push him for a meeting so your issue be discussed in the meeting of owners of your community.

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