Recently on a glorious day 49 people joined Lux Mundi’s day trip to Ecija in the province of Seville, bordering on the province of Córdoba, a wealthy cereal producing town on the banks of the river Genil. As the bus neared the city it was easy to realise why it is called the city of towers because you could clearly spot so many of them gleaming in the sunlight.

On arrival at the bus station there was a short walk to the old town where there is so much to see, as Ecija constitutes one of the finest collections of monumental buildings in the province of Seville, including around 20 churches and convents and wonderful palaces, some of them declared as National monuments.

A visit to the Palace of Benameji was not to be missed. This palace houses the city’s Archaeological Museum with its wonderful display of Roman mosaics dating back to the 9th century and many sculptures, including the Amazonian. The facade of the Palacio de  Peñaflor is stunning; this palace was built between 1700 and 1775 and was the home of the Peñaflor family until 1958. It was declared of Cultural Interest in 1962. The Palacio los Palmas, built over an old Dominican monastery from the 16th century, was also well worth a visit with its beautiful orange-tree courtyard with a stone fountain and old monastery well. On the upper floor there are bedrooms with antique furniture, a desk room, music room, several galleries with antiques, the dining room with its 16th century flooring, and a living room with a coffered ceiling decorated with star tracery.

There are so many beautiful churches to visit, including the Iglesia de San Juan built in 1745. The detailed ceramic work on the triple bell tower was certainly a stunning sight to see and it was delightful to see the stork that nests above this church.

Many of the group chose to have lunch in the Plaza, sitting in the glorious sunshine, surrounded by stunning buildings. Everyone had a great day in Ecija and we’ll definitely be returning! Lux Mundi would like to thank all who supported this excursion, which enables them to continue with their charitable work and we hope to see you all again at future events in the Centre and excursions.