Meson Mudejar Restaurant/B & B in Archez first all plant-based or vegan restaurant in area

London wood artisan David Pankau lay in hospital stricken at age 28 in 2008 with Hodgins Lymphoma Grade 4B, facing likely death in a year.

Time travel to June this year in Archez, just below Canillas de Albaida. David, 38, and his partner, Kinga, plunged into a world of risk taking, renting and opening the Meson Mudejar and B&B, five double en suite rustic residences.

It is the area´s first all-plant based or vegan restaurant. Vegan means no meat, fish, animal or dairy products.What motivated David and Kinga to promote their mantra that food is medicine and that vegan medicine tastes delicious?

After surgery and chemo in Poland in 2009, David vowed he wanted to live, not die. Cancers often recur. After five years of chemo side effects: liver problems, loss of memory and weakness, thinking about the plight of animals as well his own disease and after listening on You Tube to The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear by Gary Yourofsky, David in 2014 immediately converted to a vegan diet.


After a few weeks, his liver problem vanished, his energy level returned and his memory sharpened. A recent PET Scan also showed his cancer is arrested.

Meson Mudejar hosts theme events such as Curry Night, every Friday,  a three course meal for 15ˇ.  It offers up to 20 percent group discounts on limited menus as well as a complete international menu.