IN WITH THE NEW   In our gorgeous area of Spain, some gardeners say we only have one real season – SPRING!

They say it is the time of regeneration, renewal, surprise and delight at what has lain peacefully at rest.

A time for development, for expansion, for renewal.

Rebeccah Curtis has been busily working at exactly that in her Beauty and Wellness Centre in Torrox Costa. She knew it was time for new growth, time to build on past successful experience, and time to expand.

After 27 years as a Therapist, and 13 years at the Centre at Laguna Beach, Rebeccah is re-launching! The builders have been hard at work, the painters have cleaned their brushes, the fitters have put away their tools, and the move back in was completed by the 1st of this month.

There is a completely different look to the whole place. The reception is bright and new, the rooms are re-furbished and re-stocked, but best of all, there is a new team of highly qualified Therapists now that Spring has Sprung on Laguna Beach.

Rebeccah chose Laguna Beach all that time ago because the Centre looks out onto immaculate, peaceful gardens rather than a busy road. There is little interruption from passing footfall, rather the irenic serenity suited to a wellness centre. A visit takes time out of today’s busy existence, space to recuperate from life’s stresses. Personally focussed appointments renew energy and regenerate both body and soul.

Rebeccah’s approach to health and wellness is very professional. Each client, regardless of the complexity of the treatment selected, receives her undivided attention. Time spent on her couch is therapeutic in itself. She is highly qualified, experienced and committed to helping everyone to be their personal best; simply to be able to achieve a better quality of life, to enjoy life more and on a fuller level.

Rebeccah continues to offer the best range of facial therapies and skin rejuvenation in southern Spain. She has state of the art equipment and the knowledge to meet any need. Hair removal (waxing or laser) is fastidiously achieved. Her Pedicures and Manicures are famous, not least because of her meticulous hygienic practices which protect her clients from the hazards often encountered.

Rebeccah, in addition to her beauty treatments, also offers numerous complementary therapies such as Reflexology, Indian Head and Aromatherapy massage.

Sylvia Bowyer has offered The Bowen Technique at Rebeccah’s Centre for 12 years. She is  one of  the only full-time, fully qualified and registered Bowen Therapists east of Malaga exclusively practising The Bowen Technique.  This therapy requires intensive and extensive study to qualify, and her continued registration with the British Bowen Association requires regular supervised hours.   After an initial consultation or  review of progress, each session offers the client gentle but extremely powerful muscle movements.   During the following 7 to 10 days the subtle re-alignment and re-balancing of all body systems continues, resulting in an overall feeling of wellness.   Many muscular-skeletal, digestive, respiratory and allergy conditions may be resolved.



The new therapists joining the Rebeccah Curtis Wellness Centre will include Swedish Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Master Level Reiki, Acupuncture, and more.  The new Team will offer clients different approaches to wellness to meet the needs of clients with the strategy of their choice.

So, with the joy that Spring once again brought to the Costa – the welcome rain, the verdant foliage, the flowering and fruits to follow – there will be a new experience in Beauty and Wellness with the rejuvenation of the Rebeccah Curtis Beauty and Wellness Centre on Laguna Beach.

Rebeccah is excited and cannot wait to welcome us all back to renew our vitality; it is all around us, waiting to be channelled.

Welcome to the new-look Rebeccah Curtis Beauty and Wellness Centre, Laguna Beach. Follow our Facebook page ‘Rebeccah Curtis Beauty and Wellness Centre’.

Make a date to visit and see the changes for yourself!