Great Reasons to do Early Morning Photography

– Rob Bell Photography Tips

Whether you’re in your local area or somewhere on a trip, there is always a morning photography opportunity that will benefit from you waking up early. Those can be sunrises, or perhaps the chance to see local life at the market. So, let’s see why you should be up at the crack of dawn.

1. The morning atmosphere

Why wake up early in the morning when you can get just the same light in the evening? While it’s true there will be similar light at dusk, the atmosphere in the morning is very different. Waking up in the morning gives you the chance to photograph the morning mist, this can add a lot to your photo.

2. Golden Light

There are of course two golden hours per day, if you’re an early bird you’ll have enjoyed the morning one before. Of course, a lot of people will want to photograph the sunrise sky directly. Turn around though and you’ll get all those warm colours flooding over the landscape in front of you.

3. You’ll have the place to yourself

There are many benefits to photographing alone. When you wake up early in the morning this is much more likely to be the case. Now photographing a popular landmark without having to deal with hordes of other people in front of you will be easier.

4. Morning photography is more unique

The most dedicated of photographers will, of course, wake up for their morning photography. That means there will be photographs showcasing the best of the early conditions. To get a truly unique photo may require the use of some more creative photography techniques, but you increase your odds by getting up early.

5. The angle for specific photos only works at sunrise

Whether you’re photographing at sunrise or for the golden light, certain photos need the angle of sun which is only found early in the morning. There are various Apps for calculating the angle of the sun at certain times of the day, plan your shoot. Getting the right light for your morning photography takes effort, but it’s almost always worth it.

6. In hot countries the morning temperature is nice

You may not live in a hot country, but if like me you do, you’ll know that the best time of the day is morning. Here in Spain during the summer month it’s hard work after 10am, with heat and harsh light so I get up early to shoot when the temperature is kinder.

7. You’ll catch more local life first thing

You may not see crowded streets first thing, but you will see more local life. That may take the form of a local market, or fishermen getting ready for work. There is a lot of activity that goes on at the crack of dawn. So, whether I’m preaching to the converted, or you’re already a born-again early bird – there are good reasons to get up at dawn.

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