Once again, despite the special circumstances of this year 2020, the beautiful streets of Frigiliana (one of the most beautiful towns in Spain) and its white houses are once again filled with art. With all the security measures in force against COVID19, you can visit the 26 locations distributed throughout the whole village and discover the works of more than 40 artists from 14 different nationalities in the different spaces. An artistic tour full of charm in a safe environment. Come and enjoy it! The 4th ART ROUTE OF FRIGILIANA 2020 will fascinate you! From October 2 to 4, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

A wide variety of disciplines: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, mosaic, ceramics, collage … Different techniques and materials: encaustic, watercolor, oil, acrylic, clay, wood, plastic, canvas, cardboard, plaster, polyester, latex , stone … And as many styles as authors.

You will have the opportunity to meet each artist personally and chat with them and discover the secrets of their creative process. You’ll visit the studios of many of these artists and you will even find some of them working in the moment at their location.

We want to highlight the FRIGILIANA ART ROUTE as a protected environment against the COVID19 in which all the preventive measures in force at the time will be taken, in addition to the regulatory safety distance, limited capacity, the use of mandatory mask and hydroalcoholic gel and the disinfection of all spaces.

We will put at your disposal a QR CODE that can be scanned with your mobile phone to access the entire brochure of the 4th FRIGILIANA ART ROUTE 2020, where you will find all the participating artists, an example of the work of each one and the map that allows you to discover the whereabouts of the 26 locations distributed throughout the whole village. 

You will be able to scan this QR code in the tourist offices of Frigiliana,Nerja and Torrox, on our social networks, in each one of the 26 locations and at the route information booth.

Along with the INFORMATION STAND, where you can access the QR code and answer your questions about the route and its exhibitions, you will find our PHOTOCALL so that you can take a photo or selfie and immortalize your visit to the 4th FRIGILIANA ART ROUTE by sharing it on your social networks and tagging us @rutadelartefrigiliana or using #rutadelartefrigiliana #rutadelartefrigiliana2020 #fotocolrutadelartefrigiliana #photocallrutadelartefrigiliana

We also want to remember the charitable initiative A DAFFODIL FOR SOLEDAD that emerged last year for the 3rd FRIGILIANA ART ROUTE 2019 as a posthumous tribute to Soledad Platero and with the aim of raising funds for sarcoma research. Thanks to all the artists who donated their works with daffodils to the cause and to all the visitors who bought them during the Frigiliana Art Route 2019 allowing  the ASSOCIATION A DAFFODIL FOR SOLEDAD to make a donation of 13021,45 € to the project IMPERAS de GEIS (Spanish Research Group in Sarcomas.)  This year, the ASSOCIATION A DAFFODIL FOR SOLEDAD will again participate in the Art Route, with donated pictures still from the previous year and with part of Soledad’s drawings.


One more year, we want you to enjoy the walk and the art in a safe environment full of charm, beauty and creativity.

Thanks all the people and groups that have supported us and made it possible for this project to grow and become an annual event for residents, participants and visitors.

Special thanks to the collaboration of the establishments: HOTEL CASA TORREÓN109, HOTEL VILLA FRIGILIANA, PELUQUERÍA MARÍA ISABEL; to the Association EL ABÁNICO and to individuals BASILIZA SÁNCHEZ and LOLITA GUTIÉRREZ for generously offering us their spaces for the locations of our artists. Also thank the association FRIGILIANARTE for preparing each year the welcome catering for the participants. And thank you also, to all those who, in one way or another, have contributed to make the FRIGILIANA ART ROUTE possible.


Organized by Maribel Martín and Brendon Taylor (AMARTE studio-gallery) in collaboration with the Frigiliana Town Hall.

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