There’s nothing quite like a cool pool on a hot summer’s day but what about a refreshing tub/Jacuzzi instead? If you’re thinking of splashing out on one or the other, you might like to consider these points before you take the plunge…


Friends and family will love spending time with you in a pool or hot tub. If you’re planning on plenty of fun activities with the kids, pools provide the best in terms of space. But despite their size advantage, they can often take over more of your garden than you’d like or simply not fit in at all.

This is where hot tubs (or Jacuzzis as they’re also known) come in handy. However, hot tubs aren’t always small. They come in many sizes, from the usual 2 person spas for romantic times to larger family-sized 6-7 people tubs, or even swim spas for 12 or more people. The fact that you can heat up the water relatively quickly enables you to have hot tub fun all year round.

Relaxation & therapy

Come home and switch off from the outside world by floating in your own personal oasis and allowing your body to relax completely. A steady swim in the pool might be all you need to de-stress and stretch your muscles after a sedentary day. On the other hand, sinking into your hot tub after a busy day could be just what you’ve been waiting for when you so need a powerful back massage in the bubbling, warm waters of your tub.

Hydrotherapy has long been used to help people with physical injuries or diseases to exercise and get pain relief. Hot tubs have the added bonus of warm water and jets. Combined, heat, buoyancy and massage can help relieve joint, head or muscle pain, sleep problems and stress. Warm water therapy has also been proven to help with arthritis, restless leg syndrome, multiple sclerosis and more.


For an efficient, low-impact workout, look no further than a pool or even a tub for your cardio exercises without putting stress on your joints. This is especially helpful if you have a physical disability or complaint. With water resistance in the equation, you get a full-body workout which helps you to develop and maintain flexibility, balance and muscle symmetry.

Having enough space to work out is hardly ever an issue in a pool as there’s a large expanse of water to swim laps, do strength exercises and stretch in.

But when it comes to hot tubs, many people don’t think of them as exercise machines when they can, in fact, be just as good as pools. Swim spas have enough room to swim against a powerful jet for a great cardio workout, and exercise spas feature resistance band attachment mounts, ideal for strength training. Meanwhile, smaller and more traditional-sized hot tubs can be perfect for basic stretching and low movement exercises.

Home value

As people are well aware of the benefits, a home with a hot tub, spa or pool is sure to generate not only hours of fun but also a higher price when you eventually sell your home.

Bear in mind that if you have a portable hot tub, you might well be able take it to your new home if you want to keep it.

So which would you rather have – a pool or a tub? That all depends on the size of your garden, the number in your family and friends and your own personal needs, be it lovely long swims or therapeutic bubbling massages. Or perhaps you’ll opt for the best of both worlds in the form of a swim spa with both a pool and a tub to soak in!